How INSANE is this? This is something straight out of a movie, honestly. Like one of the Final Destination movies.

During yesterday's wicked arctic chill that included wild winds blowing everywhere, live powerlines came down in a bunch of different areas, including causing a closing of Middle Street in Portsmouth due to a massive tree taking a ton of powerlines down when it fell, according to WMUR.

And not to make that sound like a real minor deal, but that's pretty expected. I mean, we've heard stories of trees falling down on powerlines, trees falling through houses (it actually happened to my best friend last spring in the middle of the night! He and his wife were sleeping in bed and were woken up by a massive tree limb smashing through their roof and landing IN THEIR BEDROOM RIGHT NEXT TO THEM, but thankfully not injuring either of them.)

My point is, we're used to stuff like that happening during storms. But what we're NOT used to hearing about is a literal scene out of a movie, where powerlines came down ON TOP OF A SCHOOL BUS. And it'd be one thing if it came down on the school bus while it was just parked during off-hours, but no. This bus had a driver and a bunch of kids inside of it when the live lines dropped right down on top of it.

HOW BANANAS IS THAT?! Actually, speaking of it being reminiscent of a movie, it's basically the SAME situation that happened in last week's episode of the FOX show 9-1-1, where the crew of Station 118 ended up stuck inside their fire truck for a while because live lines happened to fall on it. THAT STUFF ONLY HAPPENS IN HOLLYWOOD, RIGHT? Well, and Londonderry, New Hampshire, too, apparently.

Thankfully, WMUR said that first responders and utility crews were able to get everyone off the bus safely, and got the students onto another bus to continue their way to school. And honestly, that bus driver deserves some massive props -- being responsible for all those little lives, to run into that situation? That driver was just as important to the safe ending this situation had as the first responders and utility crews that helped them all off the bus.

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