We learn the concept of collaboration from an early age. We’re a sociable species that learn and grow from one another and it’s important for us not to lose that.

We can exceed our potential when we work together and that's why places like Factory 3 are crucial to have.

Factory 3 - A Makerspace

Factory 3 is a makerspace here in Portland designed to grow and nurture the creative economy in Maine by providing a resourceful and collaborative area to work on projects, businesses, art, whatever your creative outlet is.

As their website shares,

“Factory 3’s mission is to create a space that empowers makers to realize their full potential by removing as many barriers as possible.”

It’s a workspace with tools, resources, studios, classes, and a supportive community of makers, craftsmen, and artists to come together, share their passions and knowledge, and simply build projects they care about.

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How to Join

Everyone is welcome. Beginners to experts. Whether you’re looking to learn a craft or perfect your expertise, there’s a place for you in Factory 3. Membership provides full access to the factory, providing you with access to all the facilities, shops, manufacturing equipment, common work areas, assembly areas, and meetups for collaboration.

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All the tools and resources you need for your craft, they have it for you.


Whether you want to be a full member to work on a specific project or you want to drop in for classes, you can expand your skillset with courses like intro to woodshop, welding, sewing, weaving, creative writing, 3D printing, engineering, the list goes on.

factory3 via Instagram

Whether you're in need of a workspace with tools to build your projects and expand your business or you're looking to learn a new skill and craft, Factory 3 has it all for you.

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