High Profile Attorney F. Lee Bailey talks O.J., Boston Strangler, Sam Shepard, Ernest Medina and animals on HOM Mornings w/ Sandra & Teddy.

This was supposed to happen in studio, but Mr Bailey was called away last minute. He will be back for the Animal Refuge League Annual Auction & Gala this Thursday night at the Holiday Inn By The Bay.

Tuesday, June 17, is the 20th anniversary of the infamous "OJ White Bronco Chase" where Al Cowlings operated the white Ford Bronco with Simpson as his passenger as they were pursued by Los Angeles Police as the whole nation watched on television. Simpson was subsequently charged with the murders of Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson in what became the trial of the 20th century. So we thought we'd invite Mr. Bailey on to talk about some of his historic cases. He was a great guest and we cant wait to have him in studio next time. Here's a look at F. Lee Baileys incredible career. F. Lee Bailey Wiki:

Here's the interview.

Do you still care about the OJ verdict?  Do you think OJ was innocent or guilty?

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