Have you ever been to a carnival or even state fair where they have tons of different attractions that often involve warping your sense of perception? Some feature the hall of mirrors that warp you personally with your appearance in multiple mirrors, while some rely on a funhouse that forces you to see and feel things that aren't as they seem.

In some funhouses, you walk across a bridge that is encapsulated by a spinning dome that makes you feel as though you're walking on wobbly ground and shifting all over the place, when in reality the bridge you're crossing is a flat, stable structure. Some contain rooms that feel so slanted that there's no possible way you can come away from the wall to walk through the room, yet somehow you always manage to.

Imagine living in a situation similar to that, either every single day of your life or every weekend you decide to get away into solitude? Presenting what could be called: The Vermont Vertigo House.

Listed just two days ago from this writing on Zillow, 1083 Holt Rd in Plainfield, Vermont is, at this time, listed for just under $200,000. Containing two bedrooms and one bath, the entire structure of the house feels as those it's tipping forward from the outside, but it couldn't be more opposite inside.

This Vermont House for Sale Seems Straight Out of a Carnival Attraction

Go ahead and lean forward into this home that's up for sale for under $200,000!

You've Seen What $200,000 Can Get You In Vermont, Now Compare These Two Maine Homes Listed at $300,000

With the housing market always being unique in Maine and being extra crazy due to the pandemic, what can $300,000 get you in June of 2021? Here's a breakdown of the two properties. One in the heart of Downtown Portland and the other, in Somerset County in St Albans.

The Portland property is currently pending sale through Dan Roche of Kennebunk Beach Realty.

The St Albans property is still on the market as of publishing through Zachary Monroe of Realty of Maine - Bangor.

So, which property would you prefer?

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