While there's a ton of incredible content to check out or just straight up binge watch on all the streaming platforms, two of the most popular and most-watched shows are easily Stranger Things on Netflix and The Last of Us on HBOMax.

And when you think about it, both shows are actually pretty similar.

Both are very science fiction-ish, supernatural dramas involving mythical beasts (the Mind Flayer and Demogorgon on Stranger Things) and post-apocalyptic beings (the "infected" on The Last of Us).

Ironically, too, both shows involve scenes that take place in abandoned malls, as well.

marclewisiscool via Instagram / Netflix / HBOMax
marclewisiscool via Instagram / Netflix / HBOMax

Stranger Things Mall Battle

In the final episode of Season 3 of Stranger Things, there is a final showdown between the cast of kids (and some of the adults eventually) and the supernatural monster villain of that season, the Mind Flayer, inside of the Starcourt Mall.

However, even before the final battle goes down when the kids are dealing with some nasty bad guys before the fight starts, a very lit-up but very empty and abandoned Starcourt Mall is shown (yes, it's clearly because the mall is closed and it's after hours, but roll with it.)

The Last of Us Arcade Mall Fun

Whether or not The Last of Us took a page out of the Stranger Things' book or not isn't exactly known (but remember, the HBOMax show is based off of the video game that came out first, so there was probably no borrowing ideas from Stranger Things), there's a bit of a mall showdown as well.

And, much like in Stranger Things, the mall featured in The Last of Us is also abandoned (yes, it's clearly because it's post-apocalyptic, but again, roll with it.)

Liberty Tree Mall in Danvers, Massachusetts

Very eerily similar to both scenes shown about from Stranger Things and The Last of Us, the Liberty Tree Mall in Danvers, Mass, was recently shown in a viral video on Instagram.

And keep in mind, we aren't currently living in an apocalypse or post-apocalyptic world, and there's no Mind Flayer to have a showdown with after hours.

Yet, much like the scenes from both shows, the mall looks just as abandoned. And this video was taken during the day, as well, not near closing or after hours.

Kinda creepy.

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