According to WGME 13, a Maine man fell asleep behind the wheel in Waterboro, Maine, on Wednesday.

The news station reported that a 70-year-old driver dozed off behind the wheel and subsequently crashed at the intersection of Routes 5 and 202.

After falling asleep, the car careened off the roadway and up the support cables of a nearby telephone pole.

Officials say that had the wires not been there, the crash could have been significantly worse due to the fact the car would have hit head-on into the telephone pole.

Fortunately, WGME reports that there were no injuries reported following the crash.

A TikTok video from Maine user, IrishTaylorNason, showed several different angles of the aftermath of the crash in Waterboro Wednesday. You can see the video below.

@irishtaylornason Lmfao #waterboromaine#whoops#immaputthishere♬ original sound - Kolt

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