Not long after Brady announced his second retirement from football, he posted a thirst trap. Yup, a photo of Brady only wearing a pair of underwear, and his former teammate, Julian Edelman had something to say about it.

Back on February 1st, it was "official," Tom Brady would no longer be playing for the Buccs or any football team as he announced his retirement for the second time on social media.

Of course, his retirement announcement came a bit too late to fix his marriage with model Gisele.

It is possible that after rumors of Gisele dating, Brady wanted to step it up a bit. No, not to get back together, but instead to meet someone new.

Brady posted a picture on Twitter that definitely caught some eyes. I mean for those that did not already find Brady attractive, they may now.

The photograph that the retired quarterback posted was of him sitting on the edge of a bed in only his underwear. Not going to lie, I almost forgot about the Marky Mark Calvin Klein ad when I saw Brady's photo (okay, not really, nothing compares to Marky Mark's photo shoot).

The real reason as to why Brady posted this photo was actually for his own ad. He was promoting the Brady Boxer Brief (part of the Brady Brand).

Granted he was promoting his briefs, but the photo defiantly comes off as a "thirst trap" and since Brady tagged Edelman in the photo, Brady's former teammate had to give him some advice.

Edelman responded to Brady's photo with a video on social media.

It seems that Brady needs to work on his thirst trap game, as Edelman gives Brady's photo an 8 out of 10. Honestly, not too bad of a score, especially for Brady's first time.

Edelman however, did share some tips for a better thirst trap photo that Brady can use next time, and perhaps tips you can use if you plan on taking a photo like this.

Edelman says that it's all about "angles and lighting" as well as, "shape" and "movement" (don't just sit there). He also questions why Brady is covering up "let it hang bubs."

Overall, Edelman came back with the perfect response to Brady's photo.

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