The kingdom of Westeros has been tantalizing us on the small screen for seven seasons as of last night's premiere, which, admittedly, I haven't watched. (PLEASE DON'T SPOIL ANYTHING FOE ME!) As foreign and mystical a place as it may seem, though, haven't you gotten that same vibe from certain parts of Maine before? No? Well then, congratulations on your recent move up here from Bushwick.

Well, if you have gotten that feeling before, then you're not alone. In step with their recent re-imagining of Harry Potter as a Mainer, the Bangor Daily News recently published an article likening various GOT landmarks to towns in our cold corner of the country.

Portland was dubbed the Kings Landing of our state, which is actually pretty fitting, and would be more so, if we had the funds to build a castle on the Eastern Prom (fingers crossed). Millinocket was given the title of Winterfell, because of its prosperous history and not-so-hot current status. Also well placed is Fort Kent as Castle Black, with it being our northernmost fortification, and actually having "fort" in the title.

For the whole list, check out the BDN's article here. Hope you enjoyed the premiere! Now, home to my DVR...

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