If you've never been to Newick's in Dover, you are missing out on some of the best seafood you will ever have.  Being close to the radio stations, I have been there more times that I can count and each time, I love it.  Their crew, the food, the atmosphere is all comforting and delicious.  I highly recommend the Chowder.

I wonder what happened there to prompt Steve Newick to post this in the restaurant?  It seems that maybe it was just a collection of rude comments from customers over the past challenging 18 months.  Here's a transcription of what is posted, taken from a friend's Facebook post: 

Please do not mistreat or yell at our crew.  They have worked very hard so that Newick's is still here to serve you.  We are short staffed, and sometimes things get backed up and we even make the occasional mistake.  If you do run into an issue, please bring it to our attention like a calm adult.

If, however, you feel the need to rant and rave, like a spoiled child, please ask for me, Steve Newick (I'm here most of the hours we're open.)  Newick's crew members do not deserve the abuse.  I will listen politely.  Then, I will ask you not so politely to leave and never come back.  It may not be the best thing for business, but we have taken too much abuse over the last year and a half and I will not subject our crew members to more.

-Steve Newick

YEAH BABY!!!  As if I didn't love that place enough, now I know I am supporting a place that stands up for their employees.  Good for you, Steve Newick!

I was a server once for a short time in college and I couldn't do it.  It's backbreaking work and people are RUDE and that was back in "normal times!"  I quit after the 2nd night.  I can't imagine being stressed out in a pandemic and having to deal with the general public

How touching to read this statement from Steve.  It is heartwarming to see an Employer stand up for their Employees like he has done.  I'll see y'all soon!

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