If you're checking your smartphone weather app this afternoon as you think about weekend plans, the forecast doesn't look that bad. A couple sunny days with temperatures in the upper 60's and maybe a touch of the 70's. But your local meteorologists, who are fighting the good fight, want you to know that those smartphone apps are wrong. It's going to be plenty warm this weekend.

Shared by Todd Gutner on Twitter, he says that while the app calls for a decent weekend, the temperatures in Maine, specifically the southern portion of the state, should be much warmer. We'll finally be getting a dose of that southern heat, which means it's going to be warmer (think mid-70's) and it's going to FEEL a lot warmer than that because we've been stuck with a cool breeze from Canada the entire spring.

Via TropicalTidbits.com
Via TropicalTidbits.com

According to TropicalTidbits.com, portions of southern Maine and New Hampshire could even pass the 80 degree threshold, which is long overdue for the heat lovers of New England.

So forget that phone app and plan accordingly. The heat will finally be here through Monday. Make your plans accordingly!

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