Mac Jones injured last Sunday

In case you've been living in a cave (or just don't follow sports), New England Patriots starting Quarterback, Mac Jones, was injured on the last play of the Patriots home opener at Gillette Stadium this past Sunday against the Baltimore Ravens. The injury looked like it happened after a Ravens defender came crashing down his ankle, bending it in the process.

Following the injury, a physical therapist from Massachusetts who was in the crowd at Gillette Stadium that afternoon mentioned he was immediately convinced that Mac's ankle was broken. Shortly after the game, it was reported X-rays were negative and Mac's injury was simply a high-ankle sprain. But video caught of Mac screaming in pain and being carried to the locker room seemed to suggest differently.

How long will Mac Jones be out?

If the Patriots had their way, according to a Boston sports radio DJ, Mac would only be out about 4 weeks. Maximum. However, Mac isn't on the same page as what the Pats are pushing for and is more comfortable waiting 6-8 weeks.

Mac Jones wants a second opinion

According to NBC Sports Boston, Mac isn't settling for just being evaluated by the Pats' medical staff and is searching for a second opinion in the form of the Brooklyn Nets' doctor, Dr. Martin O'Malley. The NBC Sports Boston article mentions that ESPN's Adam Schefter reported earlier this week that Mac's high-ankle sprain "would cause many to have surgery."

Based on the Patriots' 4-week maximum timeline for Mac being out, it looks like they're trying to avoid having Mac go under the knife. It also seems like, based on the fact he's getting a second opinion and is reportedly more comfortable returning in 6-8 weeks if he has to, that Mac is willing to have surgery if needed.

Should Patriots Nation be concerned that there's already distrust between Mac and the Pats staff after seeking a second opinion from an outside doctor? Only time will tell.

Bill Belichick names starting QB for the Packers game

In the meantime, in between telling the press 12 times that the Pats were taking Mac's injury "day by day," he also confirmed that backup Brian Hoyer will make the start against the Green Bay Packers this Sunday.

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