This video takes me waaaaay back!

If you were born and raised in New Hampshire like me, and you're over 30, you probably remember Benson's Animal Farm. The zoo in Hudson, NH was founded by John Benson in 1924 as an animal-training center, and was opened to the public in 1926 with animal exhibits, a miniature train, games and exhibits. After briefly changing over to an amusement park, it closed in 1987.

I remember going as a kid in the early 80's. I still have a picture of me riding an elephant!

Benson's was a destination not just for residents of New Hampshire, but all over New England as well. In fact, comedian Dane Cook, who grew up in Massachusetts, mentioned it in his act!

The property that Benson's was on is now a public park and nature area.

A YouTube search for Benson's produces lots of videos, including this one from NH Chronicle. Take a trip back in time!

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