Time to put on our Sherlock Holmes hats and walk around with a magnifying glass, because we gots a mystery to solve! And honestly, this will probably be like trying to find a needle in a haystack, so buckle in.

Over the weekend, I was cruising through different New England Facebook groups, and I came across a post from a woman named Ruth Larrabee Kevghas, who posted in the Everything Maine group on Facebook. She is trying to figure out where a Real Photo Post Card picture was taken, and all that she knows is that it was taken in Maine, she thinks around the 1920s.

Ruth Larrabee Kevghas via Facebook
Ruth Larrabee Kevghas via Facebook

Does any of that look familiar to you at all? Maybe a place you lived near or vacationed near?

I tried to be all super sleuth and run a reverse Google image search on, well, Google, duh, and all it came back with was a bunch of ads trying to sell me picket fences, so that was a bust. Unless you need a picket fence, then I can probably get you some great deals.

For what it's worth, Ruth got a tip from a commenter on her post, who recommended that she "look slight monegan up by the Lighthouse in your looking down on manna" -- and I'm pretty sure through all the autocorrect sabotage that happened to this guy since autocorrect is the LEAST helpful technological tool in the 21st century, he was telling her to search the view from the Monhegan Light Tower as if you're looking down on Manana.

And, being the proactive fella I am, I did just that, and it looks like it could be a match -- but can you confirm that it is? Or even know where it is just by looking at the picture that Ruth posted?

Let's solve this mystery, my fellow Northern New England Gumshoes!

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