AJ and I both have Fitbits. He has a fancy schmancy one with a cool AF name -- "The Blaze" which sounds like a great name for a radio morning show host. I have the original Fitbit Flex with a major design flaw: The rubber wristband won't stay on my wrist. If you're not familiar with this particular model, the clasp does not have a buckle. Instead, it has nubs that are supposed to keep it in place. AJ's Blaze has a buckle, so he does not have this problem.

It's surprising that the company has not redesigned the Flex. Perhaps, they want us to upgrade to the fancier watch/heart rate monitor. One of these days, I probably will. But for now, I just need the damn thing to count my steps, and in order to do its job, it needs to stay put.

We asked our listeners who have Fitbits if they are having this problem and if so, what is their solution. Here's what they told us:


Thanks for the great advice! I also found this article on Very Well, that suggests going to a hardware store and buying a pack of o-rings.

I'll let you know if any of these ideas work for me.

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