Two men tried to get away with a meal at Becky's Diner without paying. Do you recognize them? 

theft of service suspects - Becky's dinerTheft of services suspects from earlier post. VIDEOPPD Detectives are looking to identify the two males leaving Becky's diner during a dine and dash. Please call 874-8533 and reference case number 15-8265 if you know them. Thank you.

Posted by Portland Maine Police Department on Thursday, October 8, 2015


Cameras are everywhere these days. If you try to pull this off, you're going to get caught, especially when the police can post the video of you on Facebook. Pretty sure someone is going to rat you out and that burger and fries is going to cost you a lot more than $9.

I think they knew a camera was there too, since they kind of duck their heads as they walk by it hoping no one will notice. That didn't work.

It's a great burger and fries. I get it, but come on. Pay for it!

If you know who these two guys are, you know what to do. The Portland Police and Becky's will thank you.

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