By now, we are all shouting loudly and celebrating our New England Patriots heading to the Superbowl! This team never ceases to amaze me. Even with Tom Brady's injured paw, Gronk having to sit out most of the game due to a concussion and no Edelman, the odds were not swaying in our favor.

But nonetheless, we persevered! And because of that, the haters are gonna hate. The video below is circulating the interweb suggesting that this referee is CELEBRATING the Patriots touchdown. Observe:

Now if you ask me, this referee isn't celebrating. It looks like a Pats player got up in his grill as if to say, "ISN'T THIS WONDERFUL?!" and he smiled back for two seconds, caught himself, and then walked in the other direction as if to say, "Excuse me, I'm working."

But this two-second clip is enough for Patriots haters to conjure a web of conspiracy theories. And you know what I say? LET 'EM! No one can take this away from us. What a game!! #InTomWeTrust #WeWantSix

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