Did you know that some of the most commonly used household appliances were actually invented in Concord, New Hampshire?

I was born and raised in the capital city, and this is the first I've heard that these things were developed or invented in my hometown. According to visitconcord-nh.com, here are some things that you might not have known were born in the Granite State -

The Modern Kitchen Stove

The kitchen range as we know it was developed by Sir Benjamin Thompson, Count Rumford, in Concord. There's a pretty interesting article about it on Wikipedia.

Drip Coffeepot

Thompson is also credited with the invention of the drip coffee maker

First American Alarm Clock

Levi Hutchins, a watchmaker from Concord, invented the first American alarm clock.

Rumford Fireplace

Before inventing the modern kitchen stove, Sir Benjamin Thompson invented the Rumford Fireplace.

The Concord Coach

If you're from Concord, you may already know about this one. Concord Coaches were a very popular for of travel many years ago.



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