By no means was it a massive, earth-shattering earthquake, but I feel like earthquakes are so random in New England that no matter how big or how small, we're usually all like, "WHOA! AN EARTHQUAKE?! HERE?!"

That was more or less what it was like in Downeast Maine on Sunday (which goes to show that here it is Wednesday morning, and it was so minor that I'm like -- oh, there was an earthquake? Cool. Let me blog about it because EARTHQUAKE IN MAINE!). According to Channel 8 WMTW, a little quake that registered at a 2.8 on the ole Richter Scale hit in Washington County -- just southeast of Centerville and northwest of Jonesboro.

The quake hit at around 1:37p, but again, it was so small that hardly anyone noticed it. It's funny to me how some people can feel it and other people can't. Before I moved to Tulsa, I was home in New Hampshire enough for maybe a handful of reported earthquakes, and I was even somewhat near the epicenter, but literally felt nothing. Yet I'd open Facebook just to see what everyone was up to, and there would be a few "Did you feel that?" posts talking about the quake that I didn't even feel.

Maybe it's a mental thing with me, though. Because when I hear the term earthquake, I immediately think like, roads splitting open and buildings falling.

I actually didn't FEEL my first earthquake until I was living in Tulsa, actually. I was at my desk and felt a little rumble. It wasn't anything wild and it wasn't like a prolonged shaking like you see in the movies. It lasted maybe 5 seconds -- it felt like my chair randomly started vibrating and I saw a picture on the wall rattle, then it was over.

I think the best part of it all, other than the fact that everyone was safe and nothing bad happened, was our business manager at the time. His office was about 20 feet from where my desk was (we had an open office concept), and I just looked at him confused. He shrugged his shoulders and just goes, "Earthquake." The tone was hilarious.

Did you feel the quake on Sunday in the 207, or was it just another day that ended in "y" for you?

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