When the boy band One Direction split up in 2016, all of the members started their solo careers.  There is not much room for debate that the most successful of these solo artists is Harry Styles.

Since going solo when the "band" broke up, Styles has be really busy.  He's toured, he acted in movies and on TV, he's released three albums, and headlined two solo tours.

Harry's House, his latest album, came out on May 20th.  While Wikipedia says the album was mastered at studios in Wiltshire England and Malibu, California, some say it was recorded at various places around the world.

According to the KJ, there is a rumor that at least part of it was recorded in rural Maine.

The article explains that, after hearing an interview on NPR that made mention that part of the album was recorded in Maine, a TikToker with the handle @Pharbonboard dug deep into the album's liner notes and found a reference to a "Highmore Farm".

The farm is reportedly part of the University of Maine's Cooperative Extension.  It is a small fruit farm in the small Kennebec County town of Monmouth.

The Kennebec Journal reportedly reached out the National Public Radio to attempt to find out how they confirmed that part of the album was recorded in Maine.  Unfortunately, at this time, NPR representatives have yet to get back to the newspaper.

So, was Harry Styles in Maine?  If he was, it seems like he would have been spotted by someone who recognized him.  He is one of the biggest pop stars in the world right now.

Also, just because part of the album was recorded in Maine, it does not mean he was here.  It is possible that instrumentation or SFX were recorded at "Highmore Farm".

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