As if one of the most popular crime series dramas to ever hit television is coming back isn't exciting enough -- how about the fact that THEY'RE GOING TO BE FILMING RIGHT HERE AT HOME IN NEW ENGLAND!

According to MassLive (who credited, the hit Showtime series Dexter is making its return after going off air back in 2013. The original show ran for 8 seasons and created a massive fanbase. The show follows Dexter Morgan, who is a forensics expert that hunts serial killers by day, and is actually a serial killer by night (which is pretty scary to think about once you do, because who better to try and pull off "the perfect murder(s)," ya know? Please, life, never imitate art. But I digress...

Fans were bummed when the show wrapped up back in 2013, but news just dropped that Michael C. Hall (who played Dexter Morgan) is coming back for a 10-episode reboot, which will pick up right where the finale left off. And the coolest part for us -- they're doing filming right here in multiple communities in Massachusetts.

According to MassLive, it sounds like a lot of the filming will take place west of 495, mainly in Worcester, Gardner, Lancaster, and Sterling. Which honestly makes sense when you take into consideration maybe they'd normally film in Boston, but right now filming for the Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence movie, Don't Look Up, is still filming there. Not that Boston isn't big enough for multiple shows/movies to film at the same time, but still.

Plus, take into consideration the whole feel of the series, and western Mass may be better suited for filming as opposed to the big city feel that Boston would bring. But then again I've never seen a minute of the series, so what do I really know? Although, honestly, now that I know they're filming around here, maybe it's something I'll have to get into. I've heard friends talk about the show for a while and dig it, I just never got around to it. But maybe this is the springboard to get me into it!

If you haven't watched the series yet either, will you since they'll be filming the reboot season right around here? For what it's worth, filming is supposed to start at the end of the month, wrap around July, and then the show should premiere around October.

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