One of the cool things about doing a morning show is that occasionally, we get the opportunity to speak to some really cool people. Later this week, we'll have the honor of having Hall & Oats lead singer Darryl Hall call in to the show! Of course you've heard many of their timeless classics - "Rich Girl," "Maneater," "Privates Eyes," "I Can't Go For That"... The list goes on and on. And they've teamed up with Train for a brand new single, "Philly Forget Me Not." They're also hitting the road with Train this summer, coming to the Xfinity Center on June 7th. So here's the big question - what should we ask him? If you had the opportunity to speak to Darryl, what's the first thing that would pop into your head? We'll be asking him listener submitted questions, when we chat with him later this week. Head to our Facebook page to give us some ideas!



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