The determination that some people have blows me away. According to News Center Maine, a group of cyclists was biking coast-to-coast. If that wasn't enough they decided to do more good and help build houses for people in need.

As the article states, their trip started in Oregon and they biked all the way to Sebago Lake in Maine. The trip took over 10 weeks, across 14 states and was a total of 4,000 miles.

However, cycling just wasn't enough for these incredible athletes. They also felt they needed to do more. So they partnered up with the Fuller Center.

Tom Thibeau a Maine cyclist that was involved in this trek said,

I wanted to bike across America. That was my main goal, and once I got involved with the Fuller Center, I realized there was much more than that.

The Fuller Center helps people with housing and has projects that include,

..promoting collaborative and innovative partnerships with individuals and organizations in an unrelenting quest to provide adequate shelter for all people in need worldwide."
So because they partnered up with this company, the cyclists were able to stop along their trek, state by state, including Maine to spend a day or so building houses. They would do this with other volunteers.

One of the projects included building a porch for a Mainer name John Gregoire. John is struggling with MS and has been for 15 years as the article states.

John has a wheelchair and it's been hard for him to go outside and enjoy his property. So the cyclists and Fuller House built him a porch.

The ten weeks that these cyclists spent biking for over 4,000 miles was incredible and what they yearn for is to raise awareness for the Fuller Center. This is certainly a way to do that.

According to the article, the Fuller Center has 85 chapters throughout the country and only one in New England.

John McBride, treasurer for Fuller Center wants to grow their mission and make more people aware of what they offer and what they're doing to help Mainers.

Currently, the Maine chapter has projects in Raymond, Standish, and Windham.
The purposeful mission that this chapter has is magnificent and if you are interested in finding out more about the Fuller Center and want to help you can visit their site here.

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