The Cumberland Farms at 5 Mt. Vernon Avenue in Augusta has closed, when I arrived this morning a homemade sign read 'closed' and a truck was being loaded with contents from the store.  It had long been planned that they were looking to move to a new location and build one of their 'new stores' with the added food choices like in Winthrop and Augusta.

However, that didn't come to pass and instead the Cumberland Farms has been sold and a new convenience store will be opening at some point.

My sources had filled me in weeks ago that the store had been sold and would be closing in late August, they asked me not to say anything until after the store had closed.

I do want to wish all of the employees the best of luck at finding a new job and my thoughts are with them.

I would stop every morning on my way into work and get a large iced coffee for 99 cents. What will I do now?

The Cumberland Farms in Gardiner, Winthrop, Waterville and Winslow will all remain open.

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