When I was approached with the idea of spending 48 hours in Nova Scotia with five coworkers, I jumped at the idea. Not everyone would want to do that, but these people are nuts and I wouldn't pass up the chance to spend some quality time with them. We left last Saturday afternoon on The Cat out of Portland and returned on The Cat from Yarmouth, Nova Scotia on Monday afternoon.

Here are all the players, from left working my way around the table: Nikki from WHOM, Calvin d'Entremont our guide and owner of A Day By the Sea Tours, Annie from The Peak, Monica from Bay Ferries, Lori from WJBQ, Karen our Account Executive, Deanna-Calvin's wife, me! and Xander from WCYY.

DJ dinner

These are a few pictures from the Lobster Boil they greeted us with at Ye Olde Argyler, what an amazing spread! Look at how well behaved everybody is. Water glasses and clean table tops. That didn't last long. Fifteen minutes later we were quaffing down copious amounts of their fantastic local Nova Scotia Tidal wine and we were all covered in butter and garlic. We went around the table sharing something about ourselves. Lori revealed that she had stolen wooden spoons from The Cat. She thought they were souvenirs. I revealed that I had smuggled fireworks into the country. I had packed huge neon sparklers in my bag not even thinking about it. Our host blanched and asked if anyone needed more water.


Annie is a hoot. She is a DJ on our country station 103.7 The Peak, and she's from Tennessee. After glass three of wine, I couldn't understand a word she said because she got so twangy. I just laughed and laughed! No idea what she was saying! She's so charming that it doesn't even matter. She loves big muscles and big mussels!


Karen was sort of in charge of us, which is like herding cats. Once she settled us at the table, she gave in to the call of the local Tidal wines that were crisp, clean and had a minerality that I hadn't experienced in wine before. It went so perfectly with our seafood that I would have taken home cases of it if I could have. So delish! Karen deserved every drop!

wine tasting

Xander was the one man in the group. God bless his little heart. Not only was he the only boy, but he is also the youngest in the group. He got us back for all of the teasing he took by being as loud as possible. We were at the very quaint Le Village Historique Acadien when he spotted an old timey fog horn.

Thanks for that, Xander. Oh, look! A pump organ...

Xander is actually an amazing musician. Let me share this with you:

See?! I'm working with some seriously talented people here at Townsquare Media Portland!

For instance, Lori can do something that I can't do with my eyebrow. She has what I call, "interrogation brow". Without saying a word she can question the authenticity of any answer you give her. With only her RIGHT EYEBROW! That is almost too much power!

raised brow

DJ's are not known for our detail to personal grooming and as we age, weird things pop up, like this one white hair in Lori's eyebrow. We spent an unnecessary amount of time debating whether she should pluck it or let it grow freakishly long. I voted for her to keep it, because she was having a Bonnie Raitt moment.

white hair

What do you think? Should Lori keep her one white eyebrow hair? Would you travel with your coworkers if given the choice? Comment on our Fan Page.

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