What an awesome surprise we got today! Chiari warrior, Connor Sawtelle, and his new best friend, Jedi, stopped by and visited Townsquare Media. They've only been together one day and have clearly bonded. Jedi is already very protective of Connor and Connor couldn't be more happy to have his service dog.

Jedi will provide many tasks for Connor. He will provide support for Connor to lean on. Pick things up that have been dropped, as it's difficult for Connor to bend over. Bring things to Connor when he needs them and just provide emotional support on those painful chiari days. Jedi is trained to hug.

Connor and Jedi would like the public to know that if you see them (or another service dog team in your community), to please ask permission before petting or disrupting the tasks that Jedi is performing. Petting without permission can be dangerous for the team.

Also, under the American's With Disabilities Act, only service dogs are allowed in public areas. "Therapy or emotional support animals" are not covered under this law and are not allowed in public places. To tell the difference between the two: A service dog provides a service (whether it be sight, sound, check for seizures or help someone be ambulatory etc.). Any public place can ask two questions.
1. Is that a service dog?
2. What service does it provide.

You absolutely can not ask to see identification or certification.

Please help Connor & Jedi and other service dog teams with following these simple rules.

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