Residents and business owners in New Hampshire's capital city aren't to happy about a new addition soon to be added to the downtown area - 315 new parking meters.

According to the Concord Monitor, work is currently underway to install the meters, which will be along streets that are adjacent to the core downtown area. They are set to be activated in the first week of December, and will run you a dollar an hour to park. The good news is that you can purchase up to 10 hours of parking at a time in these new spaces, whereas other metered parking spaces in the city only allow two hours at a time, after which you need to move your car to another spot.

Here's a map, showing the location of the new spaces.

In addition to the metered parking, the city offers three parking garages. While you do have to pay to park in the garages, it's not as expensive as parking on the street.

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