Unfortunately, we're getting to that time of year that unless you're a skier or snowboarder, you despise -- snow season. And with snow season comes snow removal restrictions -- parking bans, street bans, and this year because 2020 -- outdoor dining bans.

In a couple of weeks, Concord restaurants are going to have to seize their outdoor dining because of snow removal policy, BUT, they're not just getting the rug fully pulled out from under them. According to WMUR, the Concord City Council has established a fund to get these restaurants grants to give them a boost.

It's actually just re-allocated money from a cancelled fireworks show from earlier in the summer that's just been sitting there unused. The fact that the Concord City Council is looking out for their own city and using that money to help restaurants who may possibly go under without the help is SUCH an amazing thing. People always say, "You get to understand the type of people/companies you work for based on how they react in a pandemic like this," and you apparently also get to see the kind of town/city you live in, too.

The Concord Chamber of Commerce said that there's a total of $15,000 to disperse to all of the restaurants, and it's possible that more could be given on top of that, but that's not known yet. The money is meant to boost indoor dining, but how that will happen is up to the restaurant owners. But with the amount of changes that need to happen within restaurants now to accommodate for social distancing and keeping all customers safe, the grants are definitely a welcome boost.

Here's to all of these local restaurants crushing it through the colder months so that come spring, they can come back with their outdoor dining set-ups and thrive even more than they did this past year. Plus, with the added bonus of having time to plan, no doubt the best is definitely yet to come.

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