Yes, when it's summer we all enjoy a nice sunny warm day in New England, but we also know that the weather can change fast here. It's to the point where New Englanders usually keep a sweat jacket or something to throw on in their car at all times.

During the summer months, we have BBQs with friends and family, and we go out to explore and simply just enjoy the summer days, but they always come to an end. After summer, we know that colder days lay ahead and worse, that we will soon have to deal with snow.

According to Stacker, all states, including New England states, have a city that gets it the worst when it comes to colder weather.

Stacker used data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to determine which cities are actually the coldest in the U.S. The results are based on 30-year average temperatures and they also include the average daily maximum and minimum temperatures for each city (a total of 266 cities).

Of course, we want to know which New England cities get the coldest.

Do you think that you live in the coldest city in your state? Let's find out!


Hartford ranked as the coldest city in Connecticut. It came in at #108 with an average annual temperature of 51.5°F. Wondering about the average daily minimum and maximum temperature? Well, the minimum is 41.6°F and the maximum is 60.7°F.


In Maine, the coldest city coming in at #20 as the coldest nationally is Caribou. In Caribou, the average daily minimum is 30.3°F and the maximum is 49.3°F. We know Maine is cold, but the average temperature in Caribou isn't really considered "warm," the annual average temperature is 39.7°F.


The city that is considered to be one of the most mispronounced in the United States, Worcester, MA, takes the 66th spot as the coldest city nationally. With an average annual temperature of 47.8°F, it is almost 10°F warmer than the coldest city in Maine. The average daily maximum is 56°F and Worcester has an annual daily minimum of 39.6°F.

New Hampshire

The capital of New Hampshire, Concord, is considered to be the coldest city in the state. With an average temperature of 46.3°F, an average daily minimum of 34.8°F, and an average daily maximum of 57.9°F, Concord, NH, comes in as the 56th coldest state in the country.

Rhode Island

Not nearly as cold as other New England states and cities, Providence, Rhode Island, takes home the award for being the coldest city in the state. The average annual temperature is 51.6°F, the average daily maximum is 60.6°F, and the average daily minimum is 42.6°F. Out of 266 cities, Providence takes the 114th spot for the coldest city nationally.

The second coldest city in New England is Burlington, Vermont. With an average annual temperature of 45.8°F, an average daily minimum of 36.6°F, and an average daily maximum of 55.2, Burlington ranked #48 for the coldest city nationally.
We all know New England gets cold, especially during the winter months. However, it is shocking to see that many other cities actually get colder than we do in the North East.

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