'CODA' debuted on Apple TV in August

First teased at the Sundance Film Festival about a year ago back in February 2021, 'CODA' promised to be a massive flick right off the bat, sweeping the biggest Sundance Film Festival categories of the year. According to KIRO7, 'CODA' won a total of four prizes at least year's Sundance Film Festival, including the Grand Jury prize, the Directing prize, the Audience award, and a Special Jury Prize for Best Ensemble.

CODA was just nominated for a few Oscar awards

The accolades for 'CODA' don't just stop at being treated like an under-the-radar independent film that no one watches or cares about, because when the Oscar nominations dropped yesterday, 'CODA' was listed as a nominee for the Best Picture category.

As if that wasn't massive enough, 'CODA' also received a nomination for Actor in a Supporting Role for cast member Troy Kotsur, as well as a nomination for Writing (Adapted Screenplay).

The Oscars take place next month on Sunday, March 27 at 8p EST on ABC.

'CODA' stands for Child of Deaf Adults

Filmed in Gloucester, Massachusetts and dropped on Apple TV on August 13 of last year, according to Rotten Tomatoes, 'CODA' follows 17-year-old Ruby. Ruby is the only member of her family that can hear (hence 'CODA' - Child of Deaf Adults), and is a massive fan of singing. Even though her family depends on her heavily for interpretive purposes as well as working on the family fishing boat, Ruby's passion for singing first develops after joining her school choir.

As you can imagine, Ruby soon realizes she has a true gift and talent for singing, and her choir instructor, who has connections at Berklee College of Music, encourages her to explore and strengthen her passion and skills in order to attend Berklee. Naturally, everything comes to a head when Ruby has to start balancing chasing her passion and dream with supporting and following through on her obligations to her family.

We'll see how 'CODA' does next month! Either way, amazing to see such a widely-received movie set in one of the most epic musical cities in the country garner all the love!

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