Ever notice how some adults take Halloween costumes even more seriously than the kids do? These costumes from last year's Spirit of Portland Halloween Bash make us wonder, "How did they come up with that?"

The Spirit of Portland returns this year to a new venue at the Portland Expo on October 28. Do you think you can top these great costumes?

Get to work on that costume now, so you can grab a piece of the $1000 in cash up for grabs in our costume contest. Even if you just show up wearing a sheet, you'll have a blast dancing to Motor Booty Affair and Hello Newman. Gritty's will have their Halloween ale and there will be all sorts of other liquid spirits among the spirits from beyond.

Grab your tickets now for the Spirit of Portland Halloween Bash, Saturday, October 29 at the Portland Expo. Doors open at 8 at the party goes until midnight.

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