As hosts of the HOM Morning Show, Nikki and I have the honor of being able to chat with some pretty cool people for the show. A great example was just last week, when Billy Bob Thornton called us, to talk about his show at Aura in Portland with his band, The Boxmasters. I'm a huge fan of his acting, but didn't know too much about his band. Turns out he's actually been playing music for longer than he's been acting! He's been with the Boxmasters for quite a while fact, they've releases eight albums. Their latest album, Speck, is out now. Billy Bob and his band mate J.D. described their sound to us as very 60's influenced, due to the fact that they love the Beatles. They compared their sound to that of Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers. And what did Billy Bob say when I asked him what he thinks about people bringing up his acting career when he's out on the road promoting his music career? You can hear for yourself...check out the full interview below!

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