After what felt like an endless winter that carried into spring, we're finally in the middle of perfect hiking weather along Maine trails. Even though we're in June, the weather hasn't reached the brutal humid hot days yet, but it's also not so chilly where you'll freeze on the trails as well.

While hikers tend to be cautious on trails anyway between ticks, the elements of the weather, and wildlife -- based on a concerning incident that was highlighted last week in the Portland, Maine Facebook group, there's even more caution that needs to be taken while you're out on the trails.

A creepy incident occurred along the Capisic Brook Trail last week

After a disgusting, concerning incident happened to hiker Alanna Vose along the Capisic Brook Trail last week, she decided to toss up a post to make others in the area aware of what happened to keep a lookout to ensure their own safety.

"I just called the police department but giving anyone a heads up who walks Capisic Brook Trail. I was walking my two dogs, just like I do every day. I came across this male with his pants down ahead. I decided to just turn and walk the other way. He saw that I saw and turned around and then started to follow me. My dogs were off-leash and trailing behind me so every time I turned around to check on them I noticed he was slowly walking behind too touching himself. I didn't want to think anything of it. When I got pretty close to the end I turned around one last time and his pants were fully down doing you know what- watching me walk the rest of the way. By the time I got to the road he had vanished. I am DISGUSTED and freaked out. There was a teenager getting ready to enter the trail as I was leaving. I warned and advised not to walk alone. SO heads up to anyone that enjoys walking here."
Unfortunately, based on the comments section of Alanna's post, this doesn't seem to be an isolated incident as multiple people commented that similar situations have happened to them. In fact, it sounds like the same person who committed this act to Alanna, did the same to another woman, as one commenter recalled hearing "Alanna" yelling at the man; however, Alanna confirmed that was not her, which means someone else was also possibly a victim of this act.
Be sure you're aware of your surroundings while on the trails this and any other season, and it may be safer to travel in packs while hiking instead of just solo. Also, as mentioned in the comments section of Alanna's post as well, pepper spray is a hell of a purchase.

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