According to WGME, the family of a 4 year old Maine boy, who recently got a heart transplant, now needs to find housing.

Four-year-old Liam suffered from Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome and Heterotaxy Syndrome.  According to his mother, Jamie, little Liam has been through nine open heart surgeries in his short life.  Most recently, he got a heart transplant at Boston's Children Hospital.

Now that little Liam is on the mend, they have to deal with a new issue: housing.

Their current home, in the small Maine town of Mariaville, is falling apart and is filled with mold.  As Liam continues to recover, it would not be safe for him to return to a home in that condition.

According to a GoFundMe, the family has a contractor who is willing to do the work.  All they need now is the needed building supplies.

The GoFundMe says:

We have a General Contractor who is working diligently on this project to build them a new home so Liam can come home.  This house is being built to meet liams medical needs.  At this point we are at a stand still. We have the majority of the labor taken care of for this project - ready to act now. We are just short on some materials needed to get the volunteers going!  We are asking for donations so we can purchase the necessary materials needed to complete the build and make a safe, happy, environment for Liam to come home.

Currently, their goal is $10,000.  Every little bit helps.  You can make a donation HERE

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