Remember the old school days of school pictures? Dressing your best (because your parents made you, usually) and always being told to "make sure you smile!" Then just filing in like a herd of sheep, one by one, go into the dark room, sit on the bench, face half your body one way while you twist the other half of your body toward the camera, and then tilt your head awkwardly until you were hit with a blinding flash and hoped your eyes were open.

Seeing this photo from what apparently is a 2002 high school photo session quickly brought back those memories.

This photo was found by Reddit user JKValucia at the Bull Moose in South Portland, and began a search for the owner. While there's no details on exactly how they assumed the photo is from 2002, one can assume the founder of the photo checked the back of the print, which (at least back when actual prints were a thing and photos weren't all digital or taken quickly with a cell phone) obviously had the studio's name and year taken.

Reddit user NickayLynn mentioned being a graduate of South Portland High School back in 2002, but the girl in the photo was not in the yearbook at all. There are also feelers out to see if she was a student at Brunswick High School, after a 2002 graduate from there, Reddit user MbTurgeon, put out some feelers.

Does she look familiar to you? Do you have a 2002 yearbook from a Maine high school that she may appear in? The original poster was also possibly going to post the picture on Facebook to try and track her down. For no other real rhyme or reason then sometimes it's fun to try and solve a mindless mystery, especially as a fun escape from reality. And who doesn't want to escape from reality these days?

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