Camden Winterfest is back again this year with a festival full of all kinds of fun, outdoor winter activities for the whole family in addition to the National Toboggan Championship.

Last year's Camden Winterfest, like so many other events in Maine, was canceled due to the pandemic. This year however it's back with events scheduled February 5 through 11.

Things kick off on February 5 at the Camden Public Library Amphitheater and Habor Park for the ice-carving competition. Up to 10 teams carve sculptures out of 300-pound blocks of ice. That's followed by the doggie fashion show a family story walk and the polar plunge into Camden Harbor. Those people are crazy! No way I'm jumping into the ocean when I complain about temps being below zero.

There'll be a concert with the Pete Kilpatrick Band on February 10.

Then on February 11 through the 13 it's the event that gets national attention. The 31 Annual U.S. National Toboggan Championships at Camden Snowbowl. As of this writing, 351 toboggan teams from all across the country are set to compete to see who can get the fastest time to the finish line.

If you've ever wondered what it's like to zoom down the toboggan chute, this helmet cam video footage from one of the toboggan riders will show you just how fast they go and how far they travel across frozen Hosmer pond after crossing the finish line. I'm much more willing to do this than the polar plunge.

If you want more info on Camden Winterfest, you can get it at The Camden Library website.

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