There is a critical shortage of firefighters in Brunswick, Maine according to our news partner WMTW. Captan Matt Barnes, president of the firefighters union told reporter Jim Keithely that he has been asking for more people for over 15 years. Barnes reportedly wants to add five new positions to this year's budget -- four firefighters and an enforcement inspector. However, Barnes says Brunswick should have at least a dozen more for a town of its size. He elaborated to Keithely that they need 60 instead of 32 people.

The major concern is that there won't be enough firefighters, if there is an emergency.

The Brunswick town manager, John Eldridge, told Keithely he agrees that there are not enough people; however, the solution to the problem is where there is disagreement.

Hopefully, the two sides can figure something out soon. There is a public hearing on the town's budget on Thursday, May 2nd.

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