Britney Spears might be considering "an extended break" after her Piece Of Me residency ends its current run at the end of December, but if the headlines coming out of the international press are any indication, the Blackout icon is more in demand than ever.

In fact, her first-ever concert in Israel this summer is screwing up the nation's political process.

Israel's Labor Party was scheduled to hold its leadership election on July 3, but the party poll has just been pushed back a day to July 4 "because of a 'major event' in Tel Aviv’s Hayarkon Park." That event? It's Britney, bitch.

"Labor’s electoral committee said that [Britney's] concert would cause traffic jams and make it hard to find security guards for polling stations, because many of them would be working the concert. Party activists said that they also worried that prospective voters would want to attend the event," The Times reports.

The newspaper adds that Labor Party leader Isaac Herzog has had "a toxic run as party leader over the past three years," inadvertently making an incredible Brit Brit "Toxic" pun, adding: "Mr. Herzog’s spokesman said that the party leader had no plans to attend the concert."

Sure he doesn't.

You wanna unseat Netanyahu? Look hot in a buh-kini in the Dead Sea? You better wait until Britney gets offstage, bitch.

It seems the only political party that will matter that day in Israel is the Slumber Party.

Britney's Remixed, Reimagined and Still Iconic Piece Of Me Residency:

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