In less than one week, Miss Britney Spears will take the stage and open the 2016 Billboard Music Awards on Sunday (May 22), performing a medley of her greatest hits as she accepts the Millennium Award for “outstanding career achievements and influence in the music industry" — or, more succinctly, "living legend, you can look, but don't touch."

But the question is: Can you handle mine? Which hits will Britney perform?

After all, she's got eight studio albums, over forty different singles and two different "Radar"-s to choose from ever since she stepped out on the scene in 1998. It should be easy (REFERENCE) to decide, but it's really not.

So, we're calling upon the endlessly loyal Britney Army to make the (hypothetical) tough decisions.

To narrow it down (uh...slightly, anyway), we've limited the poll to songs found on Greatest Hits: My Prerogative, The Singles Collection, the official singles that have come since the release of her greatest hits compilations and any song performed during her Piece Of Me residency.

And since picking just one Britney song from her prolific catalog is the modern day equivalent to Sophie's Choice, you can select as many songs as you'd like to curate your dream (within a dream) set for her BBMAs medley.

The poll ends on Friday (May 20) at midnight, and the results will be revealed right here.

You better vote, bitch.

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Britney Spears Kicks Off Remixed, Reimagined and Still Iconic Piece Of Me Residency:

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