All over the world kids are getting back to basics when it comes to keeping themselves entertained. The latest fad involves zero screen time and a meager investment of approximately 99 cents for a plastic water bottle. The "Bottle Flipping" trend was started by North Carolina high school student Michael Senatore during his school's talent show. Here's the footage!

It's much harder than it looks! There's a trick to having just the right amount of water in the bottle, flip speed, wrist action and bottle shape.

These guys take it to a whole new level!

Now I've gone down the YouTube rabbit hole and I can't stop watching these flipping videos! This activity isn't just for kids...

The only drawback is the thwacking sound that the bottle makes when it lands. Some kids have been relegated to flipping outside of the house and some schools have banned bottle flipping completely.

Is your kid flipping bottles? What was the fad when you were a kid? We used to flip baseball cards! Comment on our Fan Page.