When you are one of the lucky contestants to be called to "Come on down!" on The Price is Right, you have big hopes of winning a big prize. Maybe you'll play Plinko and win big money. Maybe you'll play Golden Road and win a $70,000 car. Maybe you'll play Pay The Rent and win $100,000. A woman from Boston may have been thinking those very things, but what she did win is not what anyone from Boston would really want.

Catherine Graham was one of the first four contestants to come on down on the February 1 episode of "The Price is Right." Bid after bid she didn't win her way up on stage. It came down to the final bid on the final prize to play the final pricing game. She cleverly bid $801, assuming all the other contestants didn't bid high enough on a new firepit. She was right because it was one heck of an expensive firepit at $2104.

Catherine hooted and hollered and joined Drew Carey on stage to play Side by Side. All she had to do was figure out the order of two sets of numbers to form the price of the prize. Then the prize was revealed, and anyone who knew her must have been shocked.


Catherine, who lives in Boston, was playing for a trip to New Hampshire. If she won she would be flown out of Los Angeles to Manchester, which Boston is one hour away from. Once she landed in Manchester, she would get a rental car to Concord, which announcer George Gray mispronounced, and stay for five nights. I've been to Concord and can't imagine why anyone would want to stay there for five nights, much less someone who lives in Boston.

You could see the look on her face at first, but as the producers instruct all the contestants to do, she acted over the top excited that she could win a trip to New Hampshire.

No one watching this show would have known she was from Boston, because unlike Bob Barker often did, Drew never asked where she was from. The show moves too fast for that today. No time to talk.

So how do I know that Catherine is from Boston? Our friend Teddy McKay, who knows I'm a big Price is Right fan, texted me to let me know that Catherine is his cousin's wife. Small world huh?

Catherine did win the trip to New Hampshire because she knew no one would pay $9676 to go there. Heck, I don't think anyone would pay $7696 either.


Catherine also won $1000 for spinning $1.00 on the big wheel and made it to the showcase but overbid and lost. She did, however, walk away with $10,800 in cash and prizes. Oh but then there are taxes. I was told Catherine had to pay $800 in taxes but on winnings of $10,800, it sounds like she may have to pay more come tax time.

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