I couldn't love this more, because I went to college with Louie Bello's sister Lisa (who is also an insanely talented artist), and met Louie a few times through that friendship. In fact, I remember way back in the beginning of his career when Louie was just starting out and hustling to get his name out there, he pounded on the door of my college radio station (91.5 WMLN - Curry College Radio -- ahh the memories!) just south of Boston and gave me a copy of his album.

And now look at him! Going from dropping off a CD for airtime to a clueless guy trying to pretend he knew what he was doing on air at his sister's college's radio station, to getting some MASSIVE national press for a brand new song in Us Weekly!

Here's what I love a ton about the article that Us Weekly ran about Louie -- they shout out local New England schools at the same time. See, Louie hasn't stopped hustling since the day he dropped that CD off to me, because while he's still pursing his music dream, his full-time gig right now is being a teacher. Louie teaches art and music (which, let's be real, shaped a lot of us without us realizing it back in the day) at The Trotter School in Boston.

Can you imagine how cool this is for those kids? I mean I still geek out if I see someone I know on TV or getting some kind of national attention -- and here these grade school kids are seeing their teacher get some love in a national publication! Like how motivating must that be for those students, who may have musical dreams and aspirations of their own but feel like it's a long shot and nearly impossible, only to see their own teacher starting taking steps forward and getting some traction? Amazing!

And if you're anything like me, the video for Louie's new song with Jason Tucker, "Rescue Me," will tug on the heart strings a bit (I can't help that I'm a sensitive dude...let me be me!)

The messaging of the song is clearly about having that someone -- a parent, a sibling, a cousin, a kiddo, a friend, a stranger -- SOMEONE, that pulls you out of the tough times and, well, rescues you from the roughness. Killer vocals, killer message, and honestly, killer beard (seriously, that thing is impeccable and I have wicked beard envy right now.)

You can stream Louie and Jason's new song "Rescue Me" on your preferred platform 24/7! And hopefully start hearing him on the radio soon nationwide, too! Go get 'em, Louie!

(Also, a cheat code for you -- if Louie and his sister Lisa are ever playing a show together near you, CHECK THEM OUT. Because they're AMAZING together.)

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