This is just SO purely good. If you don't hear about both of these events happening and immediately get a smile and feel a little fuzzy inside, well, you're honestly missing out, because this is just pure good and absolutely adorable.

Over the weekend, both Maine and New Hampshire had some massive events -- one resident in each state reached their century birthday milestone and turned 100!

First off, over in Westbrook, Maine, according to Channel 8 WMTW, residents LINED THE STREETS (well, specifically Forest Street) to celebrate the 100th birthday of Elmer "Tug" Graffam. The best part, Tug has literally spent his entire life living on that street! Just like he told Channel 8 WMTW -- "born here in Westbrook, and still here!"

And we LOVE that he still is! Actually, he built the house he lives in now DECADES ago, which happens to be right next to the house he was born in -- only leaving the neighborhood while he was a cook in World War II. So, to say that Tug is a fixture on Forest Street isn't an exaggeration. In fact, he's so loved and appreciated that he's received over 400 birthday cards from across the country, not just in his hometown!

Just a bit south from Tug's birthday parade in Westbrook, was another century milestone birthday parade for another World War II vet! Walter Parker hit triple digits and spent a little Sunday Funday at the end of his driveway in Bow, New Hampshire, soaking in birthday wishes from an endless line of cars.

Get this, too -- part of the birthday parade for him actually featured a color guard marching, and presented him with a magnetic compass. And good lord when Walter saluted the colorguard -- my heart!

I just love this -- I love that when some veterans (or humans in general, honestly) can feel forgotten, it's so glaringly and loudly obvious that both Tug and Walter are NOT forgotten. On the two days of the week where some people don't want to do anything except recharge from a crazy work week, to give up their free time so either a friend or a complete stranger can feel loved and extra appreciated for such a massive milestone birthday, ESPECIALLY during a pandemic -- man, I just love New England so much.

Happy birthday to both Walter AND Tug, and here's to another 100!

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