Typically when we feature a Bingas Windham sign, it's a hilarious quip or joke that has made people chuckle. But on Friday night, Bingas Windham hit us, and a lot of other people in the feels, when they shared a photo of their latest sign on Facebook. It's a simple and thoughtful message to someone that that has been a part of people's experience in Portland's Old Port for a long time.

The 'Old Port Flower Lady" has a name and it's Kay. If you read the comments below Binga's post, you'll see that everyone and anyone that has come into contact with Kay call her the sweetest and kindest lady there is. For years and years, Kay would travel around some of the most popular bars in the Old Port carrying a bucket filled with fresh flowers and sell them to people on the spot. You couldn't visit a packed bar on a Friday or Saturday and not see Kay at least once. Many of the staff that worked at these establishments loved seeing Kay's smiling face walk through the door. Diminutive in size, Kay's presence was always large.

But like so many over the last year-plus, Kay and her family have had a rough go of it. Shared on Facebook by Gina Ballard, between health problems and a lack of work, Kay was questioning if she could make a return to the Old Port. Ballard shared the sign and so many of the well wishes with Kay and stated that Kay hopes to return to the Old Port this summer if she feels it's safe to do so.


Let's hope it is. And if you happen to see Kay, buy a few extra flowers from just because.

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