Bill Brock, host of Discovery Channel's "Monsters Underground," joins Sandra & Teddy and talks about the most credible Sasquatch sighting since Patterson-Gimlin

Who said Mondays are boring?

Saw a post yesterday saying "possible Bigfoot sighting in Turner Maine" and couldn't wait to get to work.

Mainer Bill Brock is the host of Monsters Underground that has aired on the Discovery Channel and its Destination America sister network, and he’s been searching for Sasquatch — “Bigfoot” — for years!

“I’m not telling you that this is Sasquatch,” he said. “I’m telling you we either have a bunch of things that are lining up to be the most convincing evidence since the Patterson-Gimlin video or this is a really amazing hoax.”


Here's our interview:


Here's the video we were talking about-



Here's the full video:

The witness interview:

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