Did you know that Wednesday was National Lobster Day? It seems like everyone in our listening area loves a good lobster roll, so we decided to ask our listeners to tell us their favorite place to get one in the area. We heard from so many listeners today, who called, texted us through the HOM mobile app, and left comments on the post on our Facebook page. Probably the most mentioned place was Red's Eats in Wiscasset. We figured that a lot of people would be calling to mention that place -- every time we've driven by there, there's always a really long line outside the building. Check out the comments on our Facebook page to see all of the other places that people mentioned, including Warren's in Kittery, Rowe's Delight in Peru, Erica's in Harpswell, and many many more. Let's keep the conversation going! Let us know about your favorite place to get a lobster roll, in a comment on the post.


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