Take a look behind the scenes at how your local beers are made!


There's a lot of great beer being made right here in Portland every day. And most of the breweries are more than happy to pull back the curtain and give you a look at exactly what goes into making your favorite local beers.

As we gear up for Portland On Tap this weekend, let's take a look at some of the best brewery tours in the city. I've been on a few on these myself, and definitely plan on hitting a few more in the near future.


D.L. Geary - 38 Evergreen Dr, Portland - gearybrewing.com


The original. While it may not be the biggest local brewery in Portland, it is definitely one of the trailblazers. Long before anyone around here even uttered the term "micro-brewery," D.L. Geary was paving the way. They sold their first pints way back in 1986, making them the first micro-brewery in New England.

Guided brewery tours take place at 3pm daily and on Saturdays at 1, 3, and 5pm.


Allagash Brewing Company - 50 Industrial Way, Portland - www.allagash.com


Allagash White just might be Portland's most popular local beer. But Allagash Brewing Company produces a wide range of other beers as well. Started in 1995 by one guy in a small corner of a warehouse, Allagash has grown exponentially over the years. They specialize in Belgian-inspired beers.

Tours take place daily from 11am to 6pm.


Shipyard Brewing Company - 86 Newbury St. Portland - www.shipyard.com


Shipyard is another one of Portland's most famous beers. The first Shipyard beer was brewed in 1992 at Federal Jack's, before they built their Portland Brewery in 1994. Located in the heart of Portland's Waterfront, Shipyard has won multiple awards over the years, and is served in nearly all 50 states.

Full brewery tours with a guided tasting are offered on Tuesday evenings starting in mid-Mach and must be reserved in advance.


Those are just a few of the many great breweries in Portland that offer tours of their facilities.


And don't forget, Portland On Tap is this weekend!!