People aren't talking about who won Portland's 20th annual "Beach 2 Beacon" 10K race on Saturday morning. Nope. What the world is talking about is how a Windham man, Robert Gomez, helped another Mainer, Jesse Orach, who is from Gorham, cross the finish line after Orach collapsed, according to WMTW. Orach reportedly collapsed from heat exhaustion.

It looks like Gomez would have been the Maine division winner if he had not stopped to help Orach, who he says he only knows from seeing him at other races. Gomez said Orach deserved to win because he was running faster, and he didn't hesitate to help him finish the race, according to WMTW.

Gomez also gave up the $1000 prize he would have won if he had crossed the finish line ahead of Orach. We heard that Orach offered to split the money with him, but he refused... which makes him even more of a hero in our book.

Watch the video from WMTW:

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