This is a scary, weird thing that appears to be happening all over the Country.  People are being sent mysterious seeds in the mail from China, so says USA Today.  Agriculture officials in 30 states, including NH, are warning people not to plant them.

Here's what the NH Dept. of Agriculture, Markets & Food's Facebook page says to do if you received one of these packages with a return address from China with small, unidentified items inside:

1) Do not plant them.
2) Keep the seeds and the original packing material until contacted by an agricultural inspector.
3) Email the NH Dept. Agriculture, Markets & Food: In the report include that you have received seeds, your full name, town, and contact information – telephone, email, or both (preferred)!

Why is this happening?  I know that we are all dealing with a lot, but can we please cry UNCLE?!!  Some days I can handle everything that's happening to us, and sometimes I can't.  Today, it's the latter.

What are these seeds?  Is it a form or terrorism to wipe out certain U.S. crops?  Is it a scam for money?  What's worse is that I am fairly certain that some people will plant these seeds despite our best efforts to inform people.  What will they sprout if they are planted?  Nothing?  Is it just something to scare us?  Or is it something that will kill us all!  SEE?!!!  I'm turning paranoid!  UG!

I need a bath and a teddy bear.

Here is a report from CBS news:

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