There are so many truly amazing state parks in Maine. Each one unique and special in it's own way. One of the favorites that I have been anxious to visit is Baxter State Park. Be prepared for an onslaught of tourists as this natural wonder was just ranked in the Top 10 Hidden Gems: Best Parks in United States by Country Magazine!

The latest issue of Country Magazine (a publication for those who love the land and countryside) features"Hidden Gems: Best Parks in the United States," a section of the most awe-inspiring parks this year and our very our Baxter State Park made the top 10! Here's a link to the story.

Photo courtesy of Baxter State Park

I've only been in Maine a couple years and still feel very much like a tourist! I am constantly in awe of the amazing countryside in this great state and now I will make it a point to visit Baxter State Park! If you'd like to visit and/or learn more about what's going on there; all the info is right here. 

There is no doubt we are truly blessed to live in such an amazing state full or natural beauty to visit and enjoy. It certainly helps keep things in perspective for me on a daily basis!

Photo courtesy of Baxter State Park

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