The Bangor Police recently took to Facebook to remind everyone NOT to smash in windows to rescue children and pets inside a car on a hot day. They want you to call them first and let them deal with it. Otherwise, you could get in trouble.

I guess the law is different here in Maine. In Florida, it is legal for people to "enter a motor vehicle, by force or otherwise, for the purpose of removing a vulnerable person or animal. They are immune from civil liability for damage to the motor vehicle if they:"

Determine the motor vehicle is locked or there is otherwise no reasonable method for the vulnerable person or animal to exit without assistance; have a reasonable belief, based upon the known circumstances, that entry into the car is necessary because the person/animal is in imminent danger of suffering harm; and ensure law enforcement is notified or 911 called before entering the car or immediately thereafter.

Here's something else to consider: Based on scientific evidence from the experts, even on a seemingly mild day, the temperature inside a car (with windows up) can be 34 degrees higher than the temperature outside, after 30 minutes. Don't believe me?

I wouldn't hesitate to break a car window to rescue children or pets. There would be no way for me to determine how long they had been in the car. Of course, I would check to see if the car was running, just in case the owner left the air conditioning on. I would also check to see if the car doors were locked; and I would call 911 as soon as possible if not first thing. However, if the police couldn't get there in time and I saw that the children or pets were in distress, I would not wait for them. I would do whatever was necessary to save a life.